The Renewable Energy Future of Saba

4Mw PV
0.5MW Wind

About Saba Renewable Energy Project Phase III

Saba Electric Company (SEC)’s proposed Renewable Energy Project consist of a 4MW Solar PV Park combined with 14MWh Battery Energy Storage and 0.5MW Wind Energy.

This project will be located on the East side of Saba in Giles Quarter, Saba. The project will be fully subsidized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Change Policy (EZK) and the EU MIP. The RE Project will increase the renewable energy (RE) fraction for energy production by 89.1% as part of Saba’s overall sustainable energy strategy to reach 100% renewable energy target by 2025.
This project was approved by SEC and the Public Entity (OLS) in September 2022 after a pre-feasibility study and refinement of the project for the most optimal technology solutions, that would meet the current footprint of the project and location for wind technology and associated infrastructure (such, access road, MV interconnection lines, and integration to existing system). The final design layout for this project is current in development.
SEC is currently in the project development stages and engaging with all stakeholders and communities as the project evolves
Based on the current timelines and pending the approval of all regulatory entities, and the issuing of permits, construction of the Saba RE Project Phase 3 could tentatively begin in the 3rd Quarter of 2023 with commercial operation of the project in Q4 2024/Q1 2025

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Quick Facts

  • This project intends to achieve the key energy objectives of: Energy Independence, Security of Energy Supply, Reliability of the Supply, Sustainability Energy Mix, Affordability of Electricity for all customers, Energy Resilience
  • The proposed project to be comprised of a maximum of 2 wind turbines (.250kW in Size)
  • Project would be capable of generating enough power to power the whole island on an average of 20 hours most of the time.
  • Consultation and Engagement

    We value and consider local community interests and priorities. We engage government, employees, local communities, shareholders, and business communities. Our goal for this RE project is foster understanding and trust, while building a foundation for mutually beneficial relationship for every citizen of Saba, both internally and externally.
    Saba Electric Company N.V wants to build, operate, and align our goals and objective with the interests and priorities of our consumers and those most impacted by our operations.

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